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African Mango Review

November 10, 2015
Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m glad you’re here, if you have been looking for new and HIGH QUALITY, objective information on this so popular product African Mango diet supplement, you have come to the right place!

African Mango User LisaSince my short article in my last e-Mail Newsletter many of my subscribers have been CONSTANTLY asking me for more in deep research regarding the so called “Miracle Product” African Mango… Well, we rolled up our sleeves, went on a research spree and here we are, as always, with an Information-Packed new POST! You’ll love it!

I guarantee you that here you’ll have it all, the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly… By the end of this post you will know all that you need to know about African Mango in a very open mind, objective way and will be able to make a smart, facts-based decision regarding this popular weight loss product.

So in Summary Here is What We Got for You:

  • What is African Mango?
  • Ingredients
  • Video: What Dr. Oz Really Said about African mango
  • How is African Mango Different from Other Weight Loss Supplements?
  • How Does African Mango Work?
  • Major Benefits of an African Mango Diet:
  • Negative Side Effects of African Mango
  • Is There Proof/ Testimonials from Real Users?
  • African Mango University & Clinical Studies
  • What Do the Experts Have to Say?
  • Our Conclusion:
  • Where to Buy African Mango Cheaply / Safety

So here it goes…

What is African Mango?

Get Your FREE Bottle of African Mango! Supplies Limited >> Click Here Now!OK, first thing first: I know many of you already know what African Mango is, but for those who are not yet familiar with it, I will give you a brief overview so we are all on the same page…

African Mango is a weight loss pill based on a mango fruit seed that has become very popular in the last couple of years after endorsements by many celebrities and by the medical community including the very popular Dr. Oz… it has also been featured on some popular talk shows like Oprah Show and many more…

African Mango is a tropical fruit that has a very bright color and a very special peculiar flavor… which can only be found in the rain forest of Cameroon’s west-coastal region of Africa.

This particular mango produces a specific type of seed that the Cameroon natives call “Dikka nuts.” The seed, also known as Irvingia Gabonensis or IGOB131, have been used by the natives for centuries because of its vast medicinal properties.

They have been using this seed for thousands of years for a wide range of medicinal benefits – most notably to boost metabolic energy, prevent illness, shed unwanted pounds, and suppress their appetite when traveling long distances.

But the beneficial effects on weigh loos and general health hadn’t been acknowledged by the outside world until very recently. Since then, several clinical studies have evaluated Irvingia Gabonensis extract for the treatment of obesity and other health benefits; as we move down the post we will talk more about these studies.

Ingredients of an African Mango Supplement:

Well, the ingredient in this case is kind of obvious and we will be taking about it through out this article because everything surrounds around this particular ingredient. It is basically the extract of the African Mango seed AKA Irvingia Gabonesis or in his scientific term: IGOB131.

It is very important to make sure that any supplement that you buy contains between 125 to 150 mg of African Mango extract per serving. You need the right amount to be effective, but too much of if can also be a problem, so just make sure you get the maximum safe amount to get the best benefits. Any other weight loss ingredient inside the bottle is an extra bonus 🙂

What Dr. Oz Really Said About African Mango

How is African Mango Different from Other Popular Weight Loss Supplements on the Market?

The African Mango extract seems to generate weight loss results not common to its nature as a natural weight loss solution. Containing only natural ingredients rather than pharmaceutical chemicals it has little to none negative side effects and it is easy on the user, it still seems able to create the environment in the body to increase energy and for quick weight loss results.

Secondly, African Mango force your brain to produce a lot of the hormone called leptin (will talk about this later), a lot more than would normally be produced. This means that your brain will generate a lot of this hormones, and your body will be swamped with so much that it will help you to feel satisfied most of the time.

You will not have that urgent crave for food and your body will feel like it is full most of the time. This will definitely help with the temptation to go and grab something to eat and constantly cheat on your diet.

It also improves your general health: The soluble fiber also binds with the bile acids in the intestines and excretes them out of the body. This forces the liver to increase the metabolism of fats and cholesterol to produce more bile acids, burning stored fats and lowering the levels of bad cholesterol.

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How Does African Mango Work?

The way that African Mango supposedly works is by a combination of properties:

Get Your FREE Bottle of African Mango! Supplies Limited >> Click Here Now!The African Mango extract promotes weight loss by increasing fat metabolism and inhibiting fat storage, or adipogenesis, by affecting the levels of two hormones called leptin and adiponectin.

According to the clinical study published in the Lipids in Health and Disease, Irvingia Gabonensis extract increased the levels of adiponectin hormone three-fold when compared to the placebo group.

An increased levels of adiponectin can boost your fat burning rate without increasing your appetite, resulting in improved metabolic rate and weight loss. It also allows you to keep burning calories in between meals.

In other words – your body begins to burn more fat and calories when you take a high quality African Mango supplement twice a day, without the need to change your diet or exercise routine.

According to African Mango users, these effects are tangible and can be felt from the first few days of taking a supplement containing Irvingia Gabonensis / African Mango extract.

Major Benefits of an African Mango Diet:

Fat Burning Benefits:

African Mango has numerous fact burning properties, but the main benefit is the ability of the fruit to boost your metabolism. The metabolism works by creating energy from the food that you consume, and most of the people that are overweight usually have a very slow metabolism.

African Mango Burns FatThis means that their bodies consume less of the food they ingest to be turned into energy, meaning that more of the food is turned into fat.

Those that eat many more calories than their body can burn per day end up accumulating fat, as the body has no choice but to turn that food into fat in order to have more for the next day – and more food is added on a daily basis.

However, if you can reverse the process and speed up your metabolism while cutting back on fat and carbs consumption, you will be able to burn the fat very efficiently. And that is, according to experts, why African Mango is so effective on weight loss reduction and fat burning.

Increase of Energy:

Although African Mango doesn’t contain any stimulant ingredients, many individuals reported a rise in their level of energy, attitude improvements and a steadily better well-being sensation.

African Mango Increases EnergyAlso, remember, as we said above, African Mango boost your metabolism. If your metabolism is boosted, you’ll find that your body is creating more energy from the food that you consume.

Calories are not actually a measure of weight or size, but they’re a measure of potential energy that your body can burn from the nutrients that you consume. The more calories you eat, the more energy the body has the potential to produce from your food.

Conversely, if your metabolism is very slow, your body usually runs even more slowly, as you don’t require a lot of energy. So, the excess of food or potential energy turns into fat. By speeding up your metabolism, you are pushing your body to create more energy that you can use to power your brain during your day, be more alert, more focus or to spend it on daily exercise.

Appetite Suppression:

Lab studies have shown that African Mango has amazing natural appetite suppressant properties, and you will find that it will make it easier for you to avoid temptations. When you take the supplement, your brain is forced to produce more of the hormone called leptin that we talked before.

African Mango Appetite SuppressantThis special hormone is actually the one responsible for your feelings of being hungry and being full, and the more leptin there is in your body, the more satisfied you will feel. It isn’t just a feeling that your stomach is full, but it is more a feeling of being very satisfied after a good meal, which we believe is great.

Normal levels of leptin in a healthy individual are usually good enough to keep them from being hungry, but those that are overweight usually have very high levels of something called C-reactive proteins. These proteins bond with the leptins, and make your body much less sensitive to the leptin.

This means that it will take longer for the message to get to your brain, and your brain will have to generate a lot more leptin to tell your body that you’re now full.

After extensive research we can confidently say that the ability of the African Mango extract to generate leptin is one of the most natural, highly effective appetite suppressant that we have ever researched.

Cholesterol Benefits:

Studies has reported that the bad levels of cholesterol had decreased by a significant margin. We have noticed that users also reported good feedback about this

Source of Dietary Fiber:

Dietary fiber is one of the most important nutrients that you your body can get, as it helps to boost your metabolism, prevent your body from absorbing fat and cholesterol, and filter out the toxins from the food you eat.

A good consumption of good fiber also helps your digestive system to work better by making sure that you are absorbing enough nutrients from the food that you consume. Fiber prevents the absorption of too much water which often leads to constipation and it prevents water retention which leads to diarrhea.

In conclusion, fiber is probably one of the tops nutrients that you can consume in order to have a healthy digestive system and thus a more efficient fat burning system!

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Negative Side Effects of African Mango

If we are talking about all the good thighs about African Mango, it is also fair to research and mention any negative side effects that we can come across to.

As the African Mango supplement is based mostly on the mango fruit not many negative side effects have been reported, as we can expect from a totally natural supplement. However, in rare cases, some individuals reported occasional mild headaches, some difficulties to fall sleep, dry mouth, and in some very rare cases flu-like symptoms.

Just to be fair; we have to mention that there is not documented proof that these reported side effects are directly related of the consumption of the African Mango extract. But they may come from the abrupt changes that our body experiment when we start a new diet, exercise programs or make positive or negative changes to our daily lives and nutritional routines.

There have been no reported fatalities derivate of the used of African Mango so we can, confidently say, that African Mango extract is a safe, healthy, and highly beneficial dietary supplement. I don’t want to leave out that we also found a few reports of increased libido, which for most people is not that bad!

Is There Proof/ Testimonials from Real Users?

African Mango Extract User ReviewsWe actually spent some time hunting around to see if we could find many folks who had gotten results using African Mango diet supplements not listed on the company’s website. We actually found more positive feedback that we expected.

Here are some comments we’ve found (we listed more comments in the side bar):

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There was a lot more similar African Mango reviews and comments as well. The consensus of actual African Mango users seems to be that while it is not a miracle product, it does have a tangible effect on energy and weight loss even without diet or exercise. And a very aggressive weigh loss reduction when combined with a healthy diet or an exercise program or a combination of the three.

We, in fact, did find it hard to locate people who hadn’t gotten anything out of African Mango. I found a few guys who wanted more (as usual), but in reality they somehow accepted that they indeed lost weight with the regular doses.

African Mango University & Clinical Studies

African Mango Reviews - Clinical StudiesThere have been a number of studies conducted into the effects of the African Mango products, and these studies show that it really is an effective supplement.

Unlike many of the other products on the market that have little or no results to back up their claims, we have found that African Mango has been tested over and over and has results that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is effective.

If you have not, please take a look at the video we have put together for you that shows some important and verifiable documented evidence of studies we reviewed.

As many clinical studies show, the African Mango extract can be a very effective weight loss supplement that can improve your body’s metabolic and fat burning rate. A clinical study published in the Lipids in Health and Disease journal in 2009, showed that study participants who took Irvingia Gabonensis extract 150 milligrams, twice a day, lost over 6 percent of body weight in just 10 weeks.

Cameroon’s University Study

Cameroon’s University of Yaounde’s, Health and Nutrition research department also performed a Study.

This one month, double blind study was administered randomly among 40 test subjects. Twenty eight were given African Mango while the other twelve were given a placebo. Those receiving African Mango received 1.05 gram dosages three times daily for thirty days.

The body weight was measured again once the study concluded. Individuals receiving African Mango saw a 5.26 +/- 2.37 percent reduction of body fat while those receiving the placebo saw a 1.32 +/- 0.41 percent reduction. The difference between the two groups is significant.

Another noted statistic was that the triglycerides and LDL, or bad, cholesterol level in those using the African Mango supplement also saw a substantial reduction while their HDL, or good, cholesterol saw a significant increase. In plane words, the individuals using the placebo did not see any positive changes in their blood lipid tests.

What Do the Experts Have to Say?

Pure African Mango Extract FREE Bottle - Supplies Limited!As we mention above; Dr. Oz called African Mango a “miracle in your medicine cabinet while introducing it on his show, causing a surge of new interest in the traditional weight-loss remedy.

Dr. Oz reviewed a current popular diet therapy involving African Mango, and how this diet supplement has been proven effective in weight loss programs.

Also, Dr. Oz in his TV program, has gave advice regarding African Mango usage for cholesterol and weight loss including a very effective combination of African mango and Yacon Syrup.

David Jeffery, the editor of Body for Life has indicated that African Mango ranks as the best holistic remedy for losing fat that he’s seen during his 25 year research span.

Fox News reported that individuals who are overweight can drop pounds, get rid of the fat around their belly and decrease their bad cholesterol level by utilizing African Mango.

Top personal trainer, Eric Hind commented that his clients are achieving monumental results since they have begun to include African Mango in their daily fitness program.

Dr. Pellegrino, M.D. stated that using the African Mango supplement appears to be safe and an effective approach to reducing weight. Reducing the excess fat around the middle section is important in a person’s overall health and the supplement has shown to have an undeniable effect on the reduction of the measurement around the waist.

Here is Our Conclusion:

Our ConclusionAs we surprisingly found out, it is very hard to present an objective research about a product of so many positive attributes and so little negative things to say about. It is difficult not to sound subjective, when most facts just point to one direction…

All in all, if you’re tired of not getting results on a weight loss diet, we truly think that African Mango will definitely help. However, keep in mind that this is not a miracle pill; those who don’t follow a proper diet plan may not lose as much weight as they’d want.

Though it increases your metabolism, it won’t just melt down hundreds of calories daily from unhealthy foods that you shouldn’t be eating anyway. But when combined with a smart nutrition and exercise plan, this is one supplement anyone should definitively try.

Where to Buy African Mango Cheaply / Safety

If you are considering trying an African Mango supplement for yourself, there are a couple of things you need to know:

Firstly, there are a number of websites that sell African Mango pills and different brand names but they are far from being all the same. They sell different quantities at different prices…

they take different amounts of time to get to your door and sometimes they’re fake websites selling something else completely and could totally rip you off.

Where To Buy African MangoAlso, most of the sites pack and market product that contain only a portion of African Mango extract / Irvingia Gabonensis, and they, of course, will have not positive effects on you.

When you shop for African Mango supplements make sure you only buy products that contain pure Irvingia Gabonensis extract in the right amount without any additives.

After carefully researching we discovered that the safest and most affordable option is to go directly through the Official and original African Mango Manufacture Website itself, where you will find the original, FDA Approved African Mango Plus.

African Mango Plus contains 150mg per serving and we were surprised when we realized that on top of that, it also contains other proven weight loss ingredients like EGCG that is a well-known diet ingredient and a potent antioxidant with therapeutic applications in the treatment of many other health disorders.

It also contains 225mg per serving of Green Tea Leaf that by itself is a very popular fat burning ingredient which makes African Mango Plus an Amazing combination of weight loss ingredients. But they didn’t stopped there, they also added 8mg of the amino acid L-Theanine, AKA 5-N-ethyl-glutamine, which we know all its medical and bodybuilding applications and just the right amount of Caffeine.

On top of that, as they are the manufacturers, so they will always have the best prices and deals. At the time of this post they are actually running a promotion where they are offering 3 FREE bottles when you buy a 3 months supply, so if you plan on buying this may be a great opportunity.

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The best deal is for the 6 month supply of African Mango Plus which is normally $300, right now it’s at $149.95 (more than 50% discount).

We actually placed an order, just to make sure we get the facts, and we got the order in only 7 days. We used Standard Shipping, so we noticed that even if you don’t use Rush Shipping you get the order pretty quick!

Basic Standard Shipping is only $7.94, and if you are not on the US, shipping will usually be the same or around the same amount. (Compared to others which usually charges double or triple of this amount even inside of the US, so beware!).

BEWARE Where You Buy From! READ THIS!

One thing we have to mention before we finish, it to be very, very careful when buying supplements, vitamins, and so on from Amazon! Stay away! Yes, you heard right, Amazon. While we love Amazon and usually buy from them you should be very careful when buying certain items from their site…

African Mango - Offer Of The Week - Supplies Limited!The thing is that Amazon don’t market health supplements, vitamins, and so on, they instead rely on third parties to ship the products you buy, so in fact you are not actually buying from them and they are not responsible of the quality or reliability of the products the associated sites ship.

Basically, just about anybody can list products and sell from Amazon, and there has been numerous reports of scams from people selling from Amazon, so be really careful… Anyway, if you can get a better deal from the official site why bother, right?

Again, for obvious and not so obvious safety reasons, we recommend you only buy from the official African Mango Plus website. They have been in business for over 10 years and offer money back guarantee… Buying from anywhere else is not a good idea as you’re not going to get the 100% money back guarantee. Plus the deal I just mentioned is only available from the Official site, which you can visit via the link provided below…

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